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2007Vault whole world has mana accountant office most 40 strong
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Vault company is to the final rank of accountant office the accountant office that give is judged on the 60 strong bases inside accounting profession 40 strong. These 60 companies are basis of the standard inside according to course of study the year income that all sorts of real data of the company include to be in the United States is singled out.

Vault company asks these 60 companies distribute the online investigation of Vault to its employee. Investigate its about be in a company (or a company) a few pertinent questions, the other company that asks to accept inquirer to be familiar with his place gives out 1 be worth grading to the mana of 10, it is highest cent 10 minutes, but do not allow to be in to its (or before one) the company makes grading.

10 companies agreed to distribute the online investigation of Vault: (Amper Politziner Mattia) , (Blackman Kallick Bartlestein) , (Dixon Hughes) , (Eide Bailly) , (LarsonAllen) , pu Huayong (PricewaterhouseCoopers) , (Reznick Group) , (Schenck Business Solutions) , (Tofias) And (WithumSmith Brown) . All these investigation are not of sign one's name. Distribute the company of investigation to doing not have a choice, vault searchs as financial as these company contact professional through other way. These personnel replaced the stuff that gets investigation company to join investigation.

Anyhow, 370 accountants professional went to what Vault company filled in during March in January 2006 the accountant was investigated all right 2006. Vault every company notch have order of average back row, obtaining platoon of highest and average branch to be in the first company is: An Yong (Ernst&Young) . Company of this new York got 7.566 minutes, than the 2nd Pu Huayong (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 7.438) became tall 0.126. Come from Chicago all rich (Grant Thornton, 6.474) is located in the position of round, prep close behind 4 great mind are diligent (Deloitte&Touche, after KPMG (6.890) of 7.376) And Bi Mawei. [Editor]

2007 year are ranked (The Top 40 Most Prestigious)

2007 ranks Chinese is commonly used name of renown company English gives a mark seat of 2006 ranks headquarters

1 An Yong Ernst&Young 7.566 3 New York, NY

PricewaterhouseCoopers 7.438 1 New York of 2 general Hua Yongdao, NY

3 De Qin Deloitte&Touche 7.376 2 New York, NY

4 Bi Mawei KPMG 6.890 3 New York, NY

5 all rich Grant Thornton 6.474 5 Chicago, IL

BDO Seidman 6.128 6 Chicago of international of 6 heart a person of extraordinary powers, IL

Adam of 7 Mo Si · this company Moss Adams 6.042 8 Seattle, WA

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