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All rich international, Pu Huayong and An Yongjuan joins lucky rich suit
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Recently, the United States that already closed down is derived article trade the rich company of luck of mandatory person delegate of Shang Ruifu company, its former accountant, finance and legal service provider tell a court, the asset of the dollar of millions of company of in-house personage plunder that accuses they help lucky rich company of purpose.

Foundation of lucky rich company " go bankrupt law " the regulation of the 11st chapter, applied for to go bankrupt to the court 2005. And go bankrupt in application before a week, lucky rich company just announced the CEO Bennett of the company to conceal the debt of 430 million dollar, and spur this company right now issue a stock publicly to go merely first two months. Subsequently, lucky rich company namely fall to pieces, suspend payment.

Suit of lucky rich company is fiducial (Litigation Trust) the circuit court to lodge a complaint that to Yilinuosi city library overcomes a county, will all office of rich international accountant, Anyonghui Mayer of negotiable securities of silver of bank of negotiable securities of credit of office of accountant of plan division office, Pu Huayong path, Switzerland, United States, heart, Chicago, brown, rowe&Maw attorney office, before CEO Tone Grant and Phillip Bennett, before CFO Robert Trosten and before tall canal Santo Maggio labels the accused along with all the others.

This lawsuit alleges, only “ reachs adviser in main outside auditor, professional personage assist next ” energetically, so thorough ground carries out the fraud plot ability of lucky rich company.

In the meantime, lawsuit accuses all rich international falls in the premise that knows perfectly well fraud degree, still affirmed the finance affairs of lucky rich company reports, reach Pu Huayong path to edit recension together with office of Mayer Brown attorney exposure documentation is handed in trade by American negotiable securities committee (SEC) file.

And all rich international one party denies this one statement completely. All the spokesman of rich international says: “ luck rich him company carried out the fraud action that makes its are benefited, brought about finally go bankrupt. This company told almost entire predecessor adviser company the court, just be in exhaust thrust holds responsibility in the palm, search scapegoat and endeavor to redeem a loss to stop. ”

The spokesman David Nester that Pu Huayong expresses: Place of “ skill Wu has not seen indictment, so we are not clear about this to sue is to be based on the basis with proper what and mention. ” and up to when distributing news dispatches, office of Mayer Brown attorney not wire back make a comment.

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