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Gross earnings of profession of accounting of 2005 whole worlds exceeds 200 bill
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Recently, the report of a research that the market research with famous international and company of Research And Markets of data analysis company issue makes clear, global accounting profession created the income of 203.2 billion dollar in all 2005. This is meant, came 5 years of 2005 2001, the income of accounting profession is compound year all increase rate (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for 4.3% .

This report is special point out, global accounting profession gained profit 2005 most rich and generous branch is audit professional work, achieve in all receive 89.1 billion dollar, 43.8% what hold entire industry gross earnings.

This research reports the tomorrow that returns pair of accounting professions undertook expectation, the income of profession of accounting of predicting whole world will grow quickly, came 5 years of 2010 2005, the anticipation of income is compound year all increase rate will be achieved 4.9% . To the end of 2010, the income of whole accounting profession rises whirlwind to 258.1 billion dollar.

Study the entire content of the report includes:

About income, portfolio and the general situation of each career branch and analytic data

To the written analysis of lead company inside foreground of industry future, competition and course of study

To the whole world, Europe, Asia-Pacific area and alone the analysis of the accountant market of 11 countries

To the next trade situation of 5 years undertakes expectation

The “ accountant market that this report place weighs estimates income ” is it is by the company in process of record of accountant of plan, work out, audit each income that produces is formed, in the meantime, still include Wu of the card of ancient bronze mirror related to the accountant, duty and such as to make pay taxes of budget, work out declare pay of pay of watch, work out, acting customer charge to an account and the Zhang that register book wait for an accountant the income of relevant domain. The exchange rate that uses in the report all is the average exchange rate of 2005 year.

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