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IFAC is released " see built-in control from risk angle " report
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Eye shot occupies coverage of IFAC official network: Powerful built-in control is one of optimal measure that avoid management failure, also be those who raise management outstanding achievement is important prompt a factor, this are the truth to the industry organization inside global limits. At this point, international accountant federation (IFAC) committee of enterprise profession accountant (PAIB) released a new research report —— recently " see built-in control from risk angle " . This report basically is opposite by Robert Bruce of reporter of senior finance and economics the interview of the advanced profession accountant of 10 business circles is formed, the interview involves these accountant building effective inside the experience that accuses systematic respect to abound and thorough opinion.

These interviews make clear, the risk directs the method manages his to building built-in control to be organized in order to help a company total risk has main effect. In the interview, these professional accountant introduced him substaintial to the risk in the organization view, shared the built-in control system that how builds overweight of a side to drive outstanding achievement and supportive strategy goal to carry out, and the successful experience that helps an organization improve its method.

Edward Chow of PAIB committee chairman emphasizes: “ before between take time of company management failure, cost and the comply with with high price brought numberless as the sand regulation and demand hard, they make we forget very easily, the built-in control that attention organizes real risk can spare time, money, and can ensure maintain of value. These interviews will help enterprise profession accountant and the organization that its are in measure the achievement of its built-in control and concept. ”

This builds the report on interview foundation is the one part of project of PAIB committee built-in control. 2006, committee released a problem to be " the reviewing that built-in control —— develops currently " generality considers to report, this report reviewed the development condition with built-in control current domain and newest theory. The principle that these two reports constituted PAIB committee to plan to was released 2008 is oriented of guideline of built-in control solid Wu establish a base.

The online bookshop of IFAC (Http://www.ifac.org/store) offer " see built-in control from risk angle " free full text downloads.

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