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Recently, the research report of substation of England of office of accountant of a person of extraordinary powers of an out heart makes clear, investor lacks an alternative however to face so big audit to serve supply market and feel anxious.

The investigation object of this report is analyst and investor, among them of 40% suffer the person that visit to “ the current situation of market of service of audit of forestall of office of accountant of 4 big ” expressed anxiety.

Of 1/4 suffer the person that visit to think, devoid competition will restrain audit to serve the development of the market, endanger audit quality, abet “ the complacent mood of office of accountant of 4 big ” . In the meantime, of 5% suffer the person that visit to express, they had reached ” of “ cartel agreement between afraid accountant office (Cartel Arrangements) . Of 1/2 suffer the person that visit to express, if one appears on the market,the audit professional work of the company turns by blame “ the accountant office of 4 big ” is offerred, they can not feel disturbed.

This investigation returns discovery, the investor of 40% must have been oppugned in the past the quality of 3 years of financial information of a receives classics audit. In the meantime, in experience peacefully company, world connects company and Pamalate after the accounting scandal of the company, of 60% suffer the person that visit the trustful rate of the financial information quality to classics audit falls somewhat.

The officer partner Jeremy Newman of office of accountant of heart a person of extraordinary powers says: “ considers this to make clear, to because of,be cast off peacefully company treasurer scandal and the distrust that produces confrontation plan quality, and set out from the angle of investor, restore the confidence of quality of pair of British market audit completely, still still a lot of jobs want to do. ”

In the meantime, he still expresses, current, committee of report of British finance affairs (Financial Reporting Council, FRC) the competitive rate that can create essential condition to raise British audit to serve the market through “ offers more audit to choose ” , hold the ” of “ gold opportunity that recovery trusts thereby.

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