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The United States is noted assist audit quality center appoints first public com

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Recently, the United States registers accountant association (AICPA) the audit quality center of subordinate (Center For Audit Quality, CAQ) announced its the member of first public commission.

The member shares 3 people, it is respectively: American negotiable securities trades before committee (SEC) commissarial Harvey J. Goldschmid; Director association (The Directors' Council) collective author Michele J. Hooper; Department of industrial and commercial government teachs business school of haing Buddha college Lynn S. Paine.

Audit quality center is comprised by office of about 800 accountant, the board that the leader place that origin registers accountant association and investor and publisher group at accountant office, United States oneself forms is led.

The executive trustee Cindy Fornelli of audit quality center says: 3 prominent committee members represented “ the public interest viewpoint of diversification, this will conduce to us widening train of thought, accelerate development, also conduce to us deepening a dialog with respect to market of investor demand, capital and audit quality at the same time. ”

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