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Ministry of Korea finance and economics " misremember Zhang "

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Ministry of Korea finance and economics admits 7 days, they appear when charge to an account serious mistake, cause a government this year first half of the year incorporate temporarily the balance sheet has by accident, ” of occurrence “ budget deficit, should be ” of “ budget surplus actually.

Ministry of Korea finance and economics announced August, korea government unites budgetary occurrence deficit first half of the year, amount is 6.1 trillion Han yuan (add up to 6.1 billion dollar about) . Ministry of finance and economics has written this one word nowadays instead budget surplus, amount is 11.3 trillion Han yuan (11.3 billion dollar) .

Jin Hengxiu of chief of branch of program of finance affairs of department of finance and economics (transliteration) say: “ faces times this to express is to go up the month announces, we had discovered it special not accurate, the reason is new the system of automatic budget computation that implement appeared breakdown. ”

Jin Hengxiu says, the architect “ of budgetary computation new system was calculated too much the defray that ” and salary concern, and should cancel imposition project not quite accurate also.

What amalgamative balance sheet mirrors is financial standing of governmental some period. Its income addition all sorts of account of government sector of this one period, state-owned fund and other channel, again subtractive general branch goes out, reach governmental asset is in debt circumstance.

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