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Brief introduction of world accountant mode

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The classification of world accountant mode and studying quite is international fiscal serious content, the advantage that it can help us know all sorts of accountant pattern and mode of accountant of avery kind of produce the socioeconomy setting with development, be helpful for each countries choosing his accountant mode correctly, decide native fiscal future develops way. But, accountant mode is as the development of socioeconomy environment change. World accountant mode basically has the following kinds of pattern:

One, mode of flower beauty accountant

In international accountant domain, "Ying Yimei " one word is used to constantly the accounting method that describes England and United States. Dutch accounting method is very similar also, say accurately, people call this " England - North America - mode of Holand " accountant. Its accountant target basically is the need of contented investor and creditor. These countries are had giant and the stock that develop and bond market, the company gains a large number of sth used to one's own advantage from which. They still own the transnational corporation that has force extremely, for instance Dutch poors benefit riverside company, coke Cola company of the United States. Their national education level is very high, analysis of the person that accountant information is used and the capacity that use financial report are very strong. "England - North America - mode of Holand " accountant in the world very influential, the United States, England, Holand, Australia, Canada, India, south Africa, Mexico, Jamaica, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and area of Chinese Hong Kong belong to this kind.

2, mainland accountant mode

Mode of this kind of accountant includes the major nation of European mainland and Japan. Having close connection with the bank, the bank offerred the major sth used to one's own advantage that company place needs. Accountant of its finance affairs has stronger legal guide, accountant solid Wu is very careful. Their accountant target basically is not the decision-making need of the person that contented capital is offerred. Contrary, what accounting practice wants to satisfy governmental computation income tax is mandatory requirement, service at the country macroscopical economy plans. French phylum country, general follow mode of this kind of accountant. The country that belongs to mode of this kind of accountant and area have: Does thin ⒎ of  of soil of ⒈ of  of exhaust of Xun of ⒁ of  of deer of ü  ⒌ depend on @ of ⑾ of toad of flesh ⒌ ぢ ah fish hawk of ⑷ of Huan of Lu of ⑷ of make a present of of Piao of Da of ⑽ of make a present of of ⑵ salty Yan handsome  < ah does lens of felt of 0 funny leg take goal of Gou of ⑾ of ⒙ Fa Sha?
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