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England: Bentley

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Recently, group of the publisher of Accountancy Magazine magazine, accountant and CCH of United States of —— of provider of duty Wu information shows, england should relax its land settlement policy, make accounting personnel of the foreign country can more emigrate conveniently England, in order to alleviate the deficient of British accountant professional.

The data of CCH shows, to the accounting personnel of a lot of abroad, advanced technology immigrant plans the “ that establishs 5 years ago ” (HSMP) still Yao cannot be reached, become the main obstacle of emigrant England.

Emigrant applicant need obtains 75 minutes of ability to have emigrant qualification, and immigrant notchs is basis age, education standard of degree, salary, nationality of origin and whether be England to live before wait for index to give respectively.

Standing trustee Martin Casimir represents CCH group, the mark that can gain as a result of professional competence is little at be like a doctor's degree qualification of such record of formal schooling, accounting personnel often immigrant of advanced technology of “ of be enslaved to be enslaved to plans ” .

He says: “ is no matter on England or international, become more intense to the contention of accounting qualified personnel. But, unless gift accounting major qualification more emigrant marks, otherwise, to a lot of applicant that have advanced technology, immigrant of ‘ advanced technology plans ’ to make immigrant becomes easy unlikelily actually, think emigrant England most to those especially, the applicant that comes from India and Pakistan. ”

Recruiter Manpower company already position of “ accountant ” from last year “10 is big the 9th of popular position ” , the 5th when rise to this year.

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