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Audit arrange defines focal point of next year job
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“ fulfills audit to supervise duty in the round, promote scientific progress and social harmony. Audit of ” audit arrange grows Li Jinhua to express yesterday, the seventeen big report of the party put forward to build the new requirement that comparatively well-off society expands currently to our country in the round, department of next year audit will hold and get used to these requirements, make on working train of thought and key adjust accordingly, supervise through aggrandizement audit serve for it.

The countrywide audit that Li Jinhua holds in Beijing says on working conference, key of work of next year audit basically has the following 5 respects:

The major strategy deploy that strengthens pair of the Party Central Committee, the State Council to put forward and each major task carries out the audit that fulfils a circumstance. Key ground begins special audit actively to investigate, height pays close attention to the executive result of measure of macroscopical adjusting control, announce and analyse the outstanding contradiction of existence, problem and weak point, drive perfect policy institution, stimulative economy society good rapid development.

Continue to pay attention to investigate great break the law violate compasses and economic crime issue, defend the safety of national fund and state-owned asset. Audit work should pay close attention to the problem on system, mechanism not only, still will increase counterpoise to violate those who violate compasses and economic crime issue to investigate strength greatly.

The finance capital with close attention and people interest close relationship uses a case. Cogent strengthen the finance capital that waits for relation the people's livelihood to agriculture, environmental protection, social security, medical treatment, education supervise, advance construction of socialistic new rural area, promote plan of each benefit civil administration fulfil. Be opposite to social announcement the audit result of these finance capital, drive benign and interactive communication channel is established between government and public.

Increase benefit audit strength. Throw more force, take more significant step, advance benefit audit energetically, the benefit audit mode of characteristic of work up China. Announcing investigate while the loss wastes a problem, pay close attention to quality benefit, attention is energy-saving fall bad news, pay close attention to environmental protection, the resources modes of life and relation to their environment with great attention is destroyed or damage issue.
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