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Since the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China the tax authority c
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The countrywide duty Wu that Xiao Jie of director of total bureau of national tax Wu holds today discloses on working conference, hold 5 years to come from the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China, countrywide tax authority is checked in all filled 197 billion yuan of or so imposition, among them, check money of pay tax evaded to make an appointment with 45 billion yuan this year.

Xiao Jie expresses, duty Wu branch still will continue to be rectified energetically 2008 with normative taxation order, serious organization begins taxation special inspection works. Case of opposite to order of a few taxation disorder, hair leads higher area, concentrated force quantity begins taxation special punish. Increase what experience duty violates gist case to investigate strength, continue to severe blow empty leaves and accept empty to open value added tax special bill, use “ ” of 4 small bills is cheated touch the experience duty such as imposition and diddle exit drawback to violate act. Research establishs the lasting effect mechanism of duty Wu check and examination, case customs officer and daily examination organic union rises. Every is suspected of those who cheat duty escaping secretly, management department should transfer check department in time, prevent to be checked in order to judge era; Punish and carry out strength what increase pair of experience duty to violate a case, prevent to take the place of in order to fill punish. Continue to carry out classification classified check, and strengthen check case analysis, hurried is checked and be in charge of in order to check hurried in order to check.

Xiao Jie still expresses, branch of Wu of next year duty will continue to fulfil constituent income principle seriously, accomplish treat tax lawfully, ask for a canal lawfully, both neither can adjust artificially income plan violates duty of plan approval delay, also cannot eat one's corn in the blade has collected head tax, imposition of forbidden quote from a secondary source; Farther standard and reduce duty Wu administration to examine and approve a project, active exploration assures correct exercise, follow-up managing to examine and approve influence scientific and effective system and mechanism; Strengthen law of duty be issued to the person concerned for safekeeping to check, pursue management information system of standard of duty be issued to the person concerned for safekeeping further, fulfil in the round execute the law system of job responsibility; Strengthen duty Wu administration to reconsider, the job such as administrative punishment and administrative compensation; Carry out case of great duty Wu to try a system seriously.
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