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Country tax total bureau: Push property tax reform
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Xiao Jie of director of total bureau of national tax Wu expresses on conference of job of countrywide duty Wu, next year general advances tax system reform and taxation policy active and reliably to adjust, work up is helpful for system of taxation of scientific progress and fair distributive.

Among them, research advances the property tax that attachs most importance to a dot with estate tax system to reform.

Property tax kind the income of the accrual that the imposition object of categories of taxes is belongings or property holder, basically include the categories of taxes such as death duty and house property duty, property tax, donative duty.

Xiao Jie expresses, will advance individual income tax to make reform work 2008, study the system of individual income tax that integrates integratedly with classification, adjust better distribution of personal incomes. A few days ago, according to our country dweller basic life consumes the metabolic circumstance such as defray, be in be being reduced further low income person burden of individual income tax, legal system of total bureau of Wu of the Ministry of finance, duty, the State Council does drafted draft of amendment of law of individual income tax, draft standard of deduction of charge of pay wage gain by current every months 1600 yuan raise 2000 yuan.

Xiao Jie still discloses, according to “ perfect the requirement such as the central system ” that matchs with local financial capacity and responsibility authority, reform what make cess and perfect a when reform as next tax system serious content, hard compose is built wait for the cess that gives priority to body to make a system with property tax, resource duty. The expert expresses, this is the government mentions the focal point that makes cess reform change as duty first, also be the important step that advances basic and public service to be changed equably.

In addition, xiao Jie still expresses, continue industry of northeastern region part and city of mid area part have transition of value added tax pilot, consider to make the plan that implements inside countrywide limits. According to industrial policy of the country and consumptive policy, research adjusts consumption tax policy. Research makes the taxation policy that is helpful for managing energy natural resources and environment of protective organisms' habits. Perfect exit drawback policy further, close to structure of import and export merchandise is optimized ceaselessly, control high cost can, tall discharge, exit of resource sex product.
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