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Next year rolled steel exports the attune on tax rate
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The Ministry of finance was announced yesterday " custom duty implemented plan 2008 " , undertake adjustment to tax items of partial tax regulations, billet exports tax rate general by active 15% rise 25% , the exit tax rate of partial rolled steel will by active 5% rise 15% . Coke and the export custom duty of half coke will by 15% go up further move to 25% , coal tar exports custom duty general by 10% on move to 15% , custom duty of cooking coal export is maintained in 5% .

Importing custom duty respect, the custom duty that adds WTO compliance according to our country is decreased let obligation, " plan " regulation, the most-favored-nation tax rate of 45 tax items such as the polyethylene in reducing “ to import tax regulations ” , tax rate of most-favored-nation of end of the others tax is maintained changeless; Execute custom duty quota to manage to the commodity of 8 kinds of 45 tax ends such as wheat. Benzine, derv and tax rate of tariff of aviation kerosene import from 2% reduce to 1% , tax rate of tariff of fuel oil import will be maintained for 3% , tax rate of naphtha import tariff also will is 1% , tax rate of custom duty of crude oil export will be maintained for 5% ; The slippery standard tax that implemented cotton of the entrance outside adjusting pair of custom duty quota 2008, tax rate general by 6% adjust for 5% .

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