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Taxation of bureau of tax of state of the area that promote guest has crossed 1
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Since this year, bureau of tax of state of the area that promote guest closely around “ 401 tall ” work target, use scientific administrative method, increase counterpoise to nod the strength that duty source monitoring and revenue income analysis forecast ceaselessly, hold the pulse that economic revenue grows, held the active advantageous position that organizes income, below the double action that asks for a canal to be strengthened ceaselessly in economic growth and taxation, revenue income achieved rapidder growth. End on December 10, in all imposition of put in storage one billion and eight million eight hundred and ten thousand yuan, break through 1 billion yuan to close greatly first, grow 38.1% compared to the same period. Main measure:

It is to strengthen duty source investigation. This bureau is led often enterprise of source of duty of the key inside thorough area under administration, delegate, as financial as legal entity personnel face-to-face have an informal discussion, pass the communication of 0 distances, the production that knows a business further manages a case, master enterprise fact to have duty cause, accomplish know fairly well, at the same time taxation manager also pays attention to pair of electric power, smelt, refine sugar, papermaking to wait for enterprise of source of key pillar duty into, annul, put wait for a circumstance to undertake dogging on the spot administrative kimono Wu, put main energy in strengthening taxation to ask for canal and latent capacity of mining duty source centrally;

2 be enhance revenue income forecast an analysis. This bureau is used collect data of tubal software foundation integratedly, with duty negative analysis is breach, in economic growth rate, policy the respect such as change of source of fluctuant, duty is analysed seriously and search the factor that affects revenue growth, mix investigation forecast analytic job to do deep, do solid, do fine, understand the dish that organizes revenue income, firmly ground holds the active advantageous position that organizes income work;

3 it is to strengthen taxation to ask for a canal. The main problem that manages working current situation and existence through organizing skeleton force to be asked for to global taxation undertakes survey, evaluate and anatomize, right 0 negative declare rate, declare the rate of rate, put in storage, increase rate that owe tax and fine for delaying payment to add receive the main index asking for a canal such as rate to undertake an analysis, raised taxation effectively to draft tubal mass;

4 it is to strengthen wealth tax library to go the management of transverse couplet net. Pay attention to the angle from imposition of convenient taxpayer pay, to asking for tubal software integratedly to go up line hind asks for tubal job circumstance to undertake an analysis, declare a system to undertake upgrading in the round through going up to the net, provide more efficient revenue service for taxpayer;
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