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Strengthen cadre education to groom
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——— Xie Xu's person is taught in cadre of system of countrywide duty Wu groom the speech on working conference (summary)

One, in recent years education of duty Wu system grooms working circumstance

(one) education grooms constituent leader of the job is strengthened apparently. Height of leading Party group of total bureau of national tax Wu takes education of duty Wu cadre seriously to groom the job, regard a foundation as its gender, strategical the project will catch. Put forward “ talent to promote duty ” , “ to give priority to a line to strengthen education to groom with ability construction early or late the concept such as ” , formed “ to pay attention to integrated quality, promote post skill, innovation grooms means, carry out complete member groom, promote the working train of thought of lifelong study ” , coached education grooms effectively of the job begin smoothly. Total bureau is made carry out " 2003~2007 year education of cadre of system of countrywide duty Wu grooms program " and " 915 ” cadre teachs “ of system of countrywide duty Wu groom program " , made clear cadre education to groom working requirement, target and task. Various tax authority according to in the center of ask with total bureau, insist to unlock eye shot to see education, concentrated force quantity catch groom, groom education the job places important the order of the day, made fulfil " cadre education grooms working rules (try out) " , push study institution construction, strengthen “ 6 ” groom wait for concrete step. Advance cadre education to groom guidance system and working mechanism construction, made clear various tax authority to reach its departmental door grooms in cadre education the duty in the job divides the work, preliminary form the favorable situation that catchs condominium together.

(2) various and of all kinds education grooms the work is steady begin. Cogent the academic armed job that strengthens pair of duty Wu cadres to lead a cadre especially. Strengthen first Ren Peixun, hold a post groom, specialized vocational training and the post that update knowledge groom. Combinative taxation work is real, requirement of work of station of press close to, strengthen the vocational training that with “ 6 ” attach most importance to a dot, enhance the integrated quality of cadre of basic level a gleam of and post technical ability hard. Begin study office construction actively, union develops the activity such as training of on guard self-study, post actually, build the study atmosphere than learning to overtake. Begin professional key member to groom, advance high administrative levels compound model talent education. Union of various tax authority is begun actually continue to teach, encourage a cadre on-the-job obtain record of formal schooling of higher administrative levels. With compared 2002, personnel of record of formal schooling of above of whole system three-year institution of higher learning occupies cadre worker gross to achieve 87% , increased 15.5 percent. On guard pass an entrance examination registers the accountant, duty Wu cadre that registers duty Wu division and qualification of integrated judicatory exam to reach 27000 much people, take whole system 3.62% of formal personnel.
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