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Fuel tax breathes out along He Qian 10 thousand it is difficult to call out come
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“ hears stair sound only, did not see the person comes down ” , open the topic for discussion that imposes fuel tax, put forward formally from 1994 only then, up to now already 13 carry, during although be carried ceaselessly program, but at this late hour is “ still holds the lute in the arms only ” of half block face.

Recently, as international oil price climb tall, in oil, medium petrifaction and in the 3 big tycoons such as sea oil for many times hair of submit a written statement to a higher authority changes appoint, the requirement undertakes moving price to finished product oil, oil of domestic finished product moves valence hill rain 2 times to be about to come. The topic of fuel tax makes the central point that everybody fixes eyes upon once more, opened the hearsay cause a temporary clamor that imposes fuel tax in October.

And see the calendar about fuel tax topic: 1997, countrywide National People's Congress is passed " highway law " , put forward to replace maintain a road to expend with fuel surtax first; On January 4, 2001, jin Renqing of director of total bureau of national tax Wu allows to divulge when, fuel tax publishs the job already be in order, will leave in appropriate time proof; 2002, jin Renqing says “ fuel tax comes on stage choose machine ” again; On January 11, 2005, total bureau of national tax Wu discloses, the scheme that fuel tax reforms already had preliminary opinion through research, but need is rolled out in righter time; Of the same age on January 22, the State Council develops central report to say, our country has made the plan that imposes car fuel tax, announce choose machine in the whole nation carry out; On January 25, 2007, tax total bureau will perfect the country reform program includes fuel tax to work this year limits; This year on March 5, exposure of Ministry of finance, will clutch this year perfect fuel tax reforms scheme and choose machine is carried out.

See not hard, no matter be “ ,” coming on stage to or when choose is “ timely publish ” , although again and again flash, often die without known cause however. The specific time that along He Ran oily duty practices always is not within the foreseeable future, 1000 breathe out 10 thousand it is difficult to call out come out? Look now, nothing more than the following kinds of reasons: Department of the transportation after “ expends ” changing tax how does hundred thousands of employee find a place for? After sectional increase change is national interest how repartition? The loss of the enterprise (what bridge of road of a lot of places builds is contributive just be a government not only, still have big company of place, and does the character of taxation decide it cannot be returned with any forms return a company) how reasonable compensation?
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