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The country develops a bank to take 3 kinds of kind
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To alleviate difficult problem of small company financing, bank of Chinese nation development is in small company loan, tiny loan, small company loan assures the respect such as systematic construction undertakes exploration, obtained certain result.

The country opens a Ke Gu of assistant president Liu 26 days to say on seminar of high level of job of financing of countrywide medium and small businesses, the country leaves to feel large and medium-sized to fixed assets invests a project to offer big and extended credit to be traditional business all right, begin a system to develop small company loan from 2003. At present already preliminary formed “ government to drive, construction of platform financing, credence, commercialize the main train of thought that runs ” .

Data shows, up to in June end, the country opens an accumulative total to extend medium and small businesses borrows money 39.5 billion yuan, remaining sum 27.2 billion yuan, bad loan rate is 0.8 % . Among them, occupy through what cooperative platform evaluation extends than 72 % , accumulative total is individual and supportive medium and small businesses, industrial and commercial door make an appointment with 110 thousand with farmer, accumulative total creates post 850 thousand, average 5 yuan create a post.

In the meantime, liu Ke Gu says, the country opens the tiny loan of travel pilot the requirement that had large-scale duplicate promotion. In the tiny loan that developed since the bottom 2005, the country left to adopt “ wholesale bank to impose the constituent pattern of retail orgnaization ” all right, run an operation by special section, insist to commercialize a price, build handy and efficient examination system.

Up to this year in June, the country leaves to pass accumulative total of 6 collaboration bank to extend to ten thousand four hundred SOHOs all right loan 630 million yuan, average specified number spends 60 thousand yuan, loan exceed the time limit leads 0.22 % , bad loan leads 0.15 % .

In addition, the country leaves to still be noted through soft loan all right endowment and assure again two kinds of means support small company to assure systematic construction, enlarged what the company borrows money to the commercial bank for small company to assure assure ability, guide commercial finance to increase to support the financing of small company secondhand.

Up to in June end, the country opens an accumulative total to extend soft loan is used 10.3 billion yuan at various and of all kinds assure the orgnaization is noted endowment, make many 170 assure the orgnaization expanded to assure capital dimensions, increased a commercial bank to make an appointment with 50 billion yuan to the loan dimensions of small company with 5 times enlarge multiple of the left and right sides.
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