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Associated freight business presses balance capture business tax
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Ask: Freightage cooperates with carriage unit from enterprise of make out an invoice the freightage professional work that collective acceptance of consignment completes, how should open carriage bill to declare pay business tax?
Answer: Total bureau of national tax Wu " the announcement that unites bill to concern use issue about course of study of freightage of inland river of new edition highway " (duty delivers the state 2007 〕 of 〔 101) regulation, highway, inland river combines freightage business, it is to point to firstly freightage business by two or the carriage unit of two above (or individual) the freightage professional work that completes jointly. Carriage unit (or individual) should open freight bill to drawee with the total cost of collection, collaboration carries an unit (or individual) with to carriage unit (or individual) the total cost of collection carries an unit to this (or individual) open freight bill, carriage unit (or individual) should carry an unit in order to cooperate (or individual) the freight bill that opens to its regards balance pay as business tax deduct a proof. Set to be carried out since September 1, 2007 oneself originally.

According to afore-mentioned regulations, freightage enterprise and collaboration the freightage business income of square collective acceptance of consignment, should by freightage enterprise first the total cost with actual collection to drawee or the unit opens freight bill, open freight bill by enterprise of cooperative direction freightage next, the margin that produce deducts a proof as what freightage enterprise declares pay business tax.

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