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Reasonable avoid duty all sorts of way
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Alleged avoid duty is to point to an enterprise to realize gain the biggest change and duty negative lowest is changed, study the difference between law of each country taxation, financial division duty plans concoctive individual or group interior, with avoid pay taxes.

Foreign capital enterprise has each avoid duty secret recipe, although say to avoid duty violated taxation legislation intent, have be contrary to to direct at taxation policy of the government, but avoid duty does not break the law, jural presence is reasonable avoid of duty say. because of such, enterprise of a lot of foreign capital adopts all sorts of action method, in order to amount to reasonable avoid the purpose of duty.

Make over a price

Finish Miss Zhang reveals office of equestrian power accountant, they are in enterprise of audit foreign capital when, regular meeting is encountered a few use existing China tax law diseased undertake those who make over a price avoid duty method.

Miss Zhang citing says, she is in audit, the treatment that encounters a headquarters to be set in foreign branch to be set in home creates a company, headquarters raises price of downy cost of material of purpose, increase indebted, in price changeless circumstance falls, make gains cut, appear even deficit, after deficit, still can increase investment, all the year round such, duty Wu branch takes this kind of way also have no alternative. This kind of practice is called “ to transfer price ” by audit staff. The way that this enterprise “ grows not to pour ” fortunately is in a lot of foreign enterprises also very be current.

Making over a price is contemporary company especially the important step that transnational corporation has international avoids duty place is used. In modern economy life, a lot of avoiding duty activity, it is home avoids duty or international avoid no matter duty, with make over a price to concern. They often tell state of associate high tax to small tax country or avoid duty ground makes over a price to distributors is tasted and allocate cost with inferior interior, or from small tax country or avoid duty ground makes over a price to distributors is tasted and allocate cost with taller interior to high tax country, make the integral revenue burden of international affiliated enterprise is reduced.

Loan usury is led

Use have the price of international market of prep above of intangible assets evaluate such as the technology only, or a kind of gimmick that is concealed in facility cost. Foreign benefit does not know the real value of equipment and technology with people, from which price of drive up equipment and technology transfer the value, company profit to the move outside the condition. They are in cost of drive up facility while, the technology in making over money paid for something purchased or received for something sold to be concealed in facility cost, answer in order to hide royalty income of accept raise tax beforehand.
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