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"Two duty are amalgamative " impendent
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On September 28, the reporter learns, suffer the detailed rules and regulations of law of new enterprise income tax that fix eyes upon to had reported legal system of the State Council to do fully, the personage inside course of study is judged, if do not give an accident, detailed rules near future will come on stage.   

“ new law will weaken foreign capital to be in China the competitive advantage of the market, we are coming on stage in what await detailed rules. Day of an United States endowment changes ” of the enterprise halt China say on behalf of Liu Ke. But the reporter discovers through interviewing, to more foreign capital, their attention to new enterprise income tax, far from “ sees ” so simple.

   Price move still is edge tool

To the foreign capital business that registers in China after March 16, 2007, will do not have transition of 5 years period, after 2008, be about according to the enterprise income tax of turn over to the higher authorities of unified tax rate of 25% . And before registered foreign capital business transfers in 5 years period inside also get on those who face tax rate stage by stage tone.

Impendent taxation pressure, make the foreign enterprise pays close attention to idiomatic price move doubly.