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Hire is decomposed- - the efficient way of risk of avoid experience duty
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A company fastens a Chinese-foreign joint venture, advocate barracks real estate develops business. The underground that shows the B center market that A company decides to manage its one, 2 in order to rent ” of square of furniture of east of means open “ , be about to below a person's mind in B one, the client that the management area of 2 about 18000 square metre rents 60 manufacture furniture (” of tenement of “ of the following abbreviation) , sign the renting agreement of respective independence with tenement respectively, with determining the hire income that secures every year.

To assure hire of collection of seasonable, full specified amount, reach the turnover that can pass tenement to undertake judging to its solvency, a company plans to adopt unified generation to receive payment for goods, receive the generation after deducting hire payment for goods to return return tenement. A company is included to offer the field land rent with receivable field in afore-mentioned hire income the property administration fee that proffer line of business of company of property of hire cost, B manages a collection. (B property company is offerred for A company include underground one, 2 inside the property management of overall market serves, a company sum pays B property company corresponding property overhead expenses, reason A company turns no longer to the property administration fee of tenement collection pay B property the company. ) because C company participates in administrator of the runs program formulate of Oriental furniture square, high level accredit, press concerned agreement agreement, a company needs to pay relevant brand and administration fee to C company. According to the contract agreement with C company, the advertisement that A company drafts to hit ” of square of “ Oriental furniture publicizes a brand, undertake figure conduct propaganda and commerce popularize an activity.

Existent management risk reachs experience duty risk

Basis " company method " concerned regulation, estate develops a company to rent field is to be managed normally, but