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Open the home " fashionable information company " also make money
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Current world change is too sharp, collect in time of information information appear more important with processing. Abroad appeared a few companies that provide fashionable information technically.

The United States appeared recently a kind of new industry, call fashionable information the station. This is a kind take news technically, sell production the company of the enterprise information. They invite a batch of 14—30 year old the person that has higher fashionable grade, let them undertake observing on the spot to ave lane, take popular news.

Fashionable information member people the large-scale stadium that wanders in city, discrepancy is troubled by modern nightclub at noisy, the resort that patronage travel goes vacationing, look for wears what become masses fashion possibly all sorts of clues.

For example, information member discover someone baseball the cap is worn conversely, can tell fashionable information the station, will judge this article to make popular goods whether likely through the analysis, study its to the report sells again a few famous big in enterprise. Peidigelu of 30 years old is Bostonian the information of an ad firm member, year of his income between 40000—60000 dollar. Campus of his classics haunt and information of club hunt vogue. He is returned with los angeles, san Francisco, Chicago, Boston, cease the teenager student of Si Dui and other places maintains a contact, existing what do students send to may make the thing of new style, report to him.

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