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The 8 big reasons that small company dies quickly
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Arrived every year yearly check when, a lot of small companies did not have a trace suddenly, disappear into thin air. Small company of China is born quickly, those who die is fast also. Where is the root cause of illness or trouble of small company after all?

The first when be born, do artful.

This is we are establishing enterprise when inevitable big question, a lot of enterprises person establishing enterprise at the beginning of be not worth with respect to capital, come down to do business to can do charter, begin practise fraud, entrust what financial company makes a holiday to register fund. Do not have too much money originally, do a business that has dimensions very much even, registered beginning was destined shake of wind and cloud, the base is not firm, sincere letter has a problem, the delayed effect of how many does development still have?

The 2nd bottleneck that the saddest is capital.

Do poineering work even without money, this is a lot of medium and small businesses person faces common problem. Why to do poineering work without Qian Ru? This is in our country is the problem that does not have solution almost. Although there was a government now so called small loan gives aid to, but, how many person has an opportunity to obtain again? And formalities is troublesome, application is difficult. Especially the difficulty that the bank borrows money is greater, the ill will with typical now bank deficient love is rich, the big company that likes to have actual strength borrows money, medium and small businesses develops the predicament long-standing of capital, inextricability all the time.

The 3rd government neglected pair of small companies give aid to.

Ground of governmental keep on saying should help strength for development of medium and small businesses, creation is helpful for the environment of development. How to help small company development? Have better policy? A lot of policy are to be in restrict small company development, is not the development that promotes small company. For instance revenue issue, can the taxation of small company undertake substantially derate? A lot of small companies rely on the energy of oneself to develop, can organic meeting is living very pretty good, even a lot of duty expend pay, assume obligation of overmuch so called society, still differ development rises to be done to fizzle out by tax cost. In the beginning of Singapore small company is doing poineering work, it is to avoid each charge and tax completely almost, the turnover that becomes you did not reach certain level need not pay tax. And the support of the capital side that files a government very easily also, it is to give you freely to provide poineering room even.

And our medium and small businesses is in did not grow a lot of society obligation were assumed when rising, the burden is overweight it is the close down immediate cause that causes small company.
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