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Open brand shop of gauze of marriage of an individual character
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She, once was of headquarters of investment of Hunan money negotiable securities hold dish of hand, go into business did poineering work now Changsha head home is individual the boss of marriage gauze brand shop. The flourishing of the business is to admire really evil spirit other people.

In the building of a business affairs by ” of general merchandise of Changsha “ new world, relapse the Liu Juan that survey values market of Changsha marriage gauze, the decision begins to earn the “ that does poineering work without the shop ” of the first pail of gold. Time of a few months, with accurate market fixed position and good sexual value are compared, the “ that herself names reads aloud work off of brand shop of gauze of marriage of slave charming ” gauze of many 60 marriage, lunar turnover is close to 30 thousand yuan, little already in circle of friendly ” of female “ marriage famous energy of life.

Small shop impression

High end gives priority to in a popular style of give attention to two or morethings

What did not face market shop front is flourishing, be located at the “ in office building to read aloud hall of inn of slave charming ” not to cross 120 square metre. Desk and chair of talk of a few pieces of a computer, glass, the clothes tree that one word discharges hangs the gauze of marriage of of all kinds of full different pattern, the avalokitesvara of water of drop of great part of a historical period that adds ornament corner is hanged with wall act the role ofing, let whole small shop looks very relaxed. The ” with the most expensive “ is not best certainly, the ” that “ suits most just is best! The Liu Juan that individual character lukewarm article gracefuls and restrained says, “ quantity body is custom-built ” is inn of him marriage gauze is welcome sell a site greatly. “ buys the customer of marriage gauze every, can get suitable the formal attire of him bodily form, color of skin most. ”

“ is current I acted as agent Taiwan brand of gauze of a marriage, the product basically is given priority to with high end, but also sell ” of gauze of marriage of in a popular style with the manufacturer form a complete set of Guangzhou respect at the same time. She says, according to the consumptive administrative levels of different bride, the marriage gauze branch that sells here is small jasper model (price 300-800 yuan) , daughter of an eminent family (price 800-1500 yuan) , showily princess (price 1500-3000 yuan) . Conform to the principle of simplicity to arrive about vogue, each design can satisfy the diverse demand of new personality and preference basically.

“ price material benefit is my another large dominant position. Similar pattern and fabrics charge for the making of sth. , the price here compares half of petty gain of a few warehouse. ” Liu beautifuls the explanation says, because take pattern of the set up shop that do not have a shop, price nature is cheap.
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