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Senior base civilian gain profit opportunely in concussion city
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Faith of sturdy and long-term investment holds arbitrage opportunity

Make general survey

Since May 30, 2007, the stock market spread out relatively substantially adjust, suffer this to affect major fund subsequently fast callback. A few fund investor that join city newly not only did not have gain money to appear instead the deficit that size differs, buy fund to regard as the golden age of deposit of high interest rate already went sadly. How does fund investor accomplish not deficient money to make money even in adjusting prices?

Buy fund appropriate long term operation

Author discovery, have partial fund investor the fund that is tool of long-term investment conduct financial transactions originally, should do short line to cast machine tool to operate. Every time when the stock market appears to dive considerably, partial fund investor is eager to wanting atone for to counter-purchase bought share fund.

Actually, stock fund appropriate is long term investment, should not be short fry, its reason has 3: It is from apparently the “ price ” that the net value that sees fund is fund, but its should be the long-term investment value that fund place holds a stock to combine constitutionally. Fund manager is met commonly according to the circumstance choice of fund oneself a sound investment is combined, of stock market of base oneself upon grow for a long time steadily. Because this has only,undertake to fund the line invests length base civilian ability can share this to increase brought profit for a long time steadily. 2 if fry fund when stock weak point,be, investor may is faced with completely step empty awkward situation. Especially fund of a few open mode returns capital to need several weekday commonly to Zhang from atone for, if investor is redemptive when the stock market drops fund, often had not risen again to the stock market when Zhang in capital sometimes, fund net value rises subsequently, investor to do not step empty, must low cast suck high. 3 it is fund business has trade certainly charge, often pass in and out can arise bigger trade cost. Accordingly, when market concussion, investor should the wave motion that reason faces fund net value, believe ability of fund supervisory major, invest for a long time, share economy grows and appear on the market the profit that company profit increases.

Enclosed fund is first selection

Stock fund according to trade of means different, can divide mix for open mode fund enclosed fund. Open mode fund allows investor at any time explain buy redemptive, without fixed dimensions, the price is with fund net value accurate; Enclosed fund has fixed dimensions, can make over in the market only. Rise in bovine city in prices, investor buys which fund to be able to make money casually, but in adjusting prices, enclosed the investment dominant position of fund was shown, especially rate of convert into money is high enclosed the first selection that fund should make investor.
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