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One person earns money the family is beautiful
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Income showing a month 2000, the wife is out of job, the child is 2 years old, parents has pension, do not have a car without the room now, lunar expenses 600-800 yuan, bank deposit 70 thousand, investment is industrial 20 thousand (year accrual makes an appointment with 20%) , preparation buys a house inside two years (price showing a house makes an appointment with 2000/ to make the same score rice) , existing 50 thousand in the stock market (among them 20 thousand special Yu Shen is bought new a) , excuse me expert I answer how is conduct financial transactions just compared reasonable, thank!

The expert replies:

Hello! Proposal of conduct financial transactions:

1, single fuel family, the risk bears ability is poorer, should strengthen risk management. The man is domestic economy pillar, outside dividing social security, should perfect an accident to harm comprehensive medical treatment to be sure (integrated safeguard forehead spends 100 thousand yuan) with fixed birthday danger (deadline 20 years, safeguard forehead spends 200 thousand yuan of) .

2, proposal wife seeks the job actively, come true again obtain employment, income of domestic much portion, be helpful for achieving the goal that buy a house at an early date.

3, every months of balance undertakes fund is cast surely appropriately, for the child shift to an ealier time of the college on in the future prepares to teach gold.

4, the preparation inside two years buys a house, the accrual of capital and fluidity are very important. About the configuration of financial capital, bank deposit is too much, withhold 30 thousand yuan of short-term deposit according to domestic situation can, surplus capital invests suitable fund; Risk of individual investment share is big, and fund is very small explain buy new a probability of be the lucky number is too low, the proposal invests stock fund 50 thousand yuan to meet tall evacuate, if compare understanding security market, have investment experience, can convert bond fund (explain buy new) and enclosed fund, two kinds of fund invest scale to wait according to risk preference will decide.

5, about buying a house, first selection accumulation fund borrows money, buy a room to want a foundation economic actual strength, the month wants control to be in for income comparing 30% the following, it is certain to buy the family after the room to should be withheld (for instance 3~5 10 thousand yuan) financial capital. Satisfy above requirement, can offer a room, otherwise, extend the time that buy a house appropriately.

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