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Buy bond product appropriate weak point shoulds not be long
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Chinese littleleaf box: Basis before experience, investor answers a year period the product of conduct financial transactions that above does not change along with interest rate supports cautious attitude, because one is in to rise to cease and appreciate in the RMB gradually Anacreontic sensitive period, if buy the product of conduct financial transactions with longer deadline, once add,cease, the accrual that can encounter place probably to invest bond product and deposit differ very few awkward situation. The bond that issues now accordingly product is in mostly 6 months less than, can obtain higher than deposit of deposit of the corresponding period yield already, make investor freely answers policy to change again. Investor also should choose time as far as possible when selecting a product shorter, can obtain already so get much yield higher than deposit of deposit of the corresponding period, can make response to policy change quickly again.

New capital signs up for: In eye antecedent condition falls, whether to suit to invest this kind of product? Market prospect how?

Chinese littleleaf box: Below the circumstance with at present prosperous stock market, invest the stock market or buy fund to be able to make earnings increases quickly, but potential risk nots allow to ignore likewise, fall in the circumstance that is in relatively exalted severe concussion at present especially, new investor should prevent one-time investment as far as possible an investment tool, proposal general capital is reasonable allocate, if partial capital buys fund. Additional, in can try to choose the bond that short, accrual secures a few deadline below the situation at present kind product of conduct financial transactions, deposit of its accrual prep above deposits money, can wait to be in market level is farther Anacreontic hind, choose the further investment way of capital.

New capital signs up for: Investment bond kind what investment skill does the product have?

Chinese littleleaf box: To ordinary people investor, avoid by all means follows suit investment, what should do above all is him understanding, this is all foundations that invest an activity. Because average investor lacks time, professional knowledge, be operated too much or operate wrong metropolis to miss investment opportunity, at present accordingly level should reduce operation frequency as far as possible, each phase that are in according to life and fortune accumulate a state, to the risk bear the ability choice that has investing a tool, if can put little part fund in the bond with earnings stability, strong liquidity kind on the product, additional and a few tie-inner high grade fund is long-term hold, those who accomplish a risk is sufficient stabilize and last with accrual dispersedly growth.

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