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Free profession person how conduct financial transactions
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Free profession person, now and then still fry bit of stock, do not accept the restriction of the unit, listen go up a powerful and unconstrained style, easygoing. The social security that this kind of personage provides without the unit, medical treatment is safe, free occupational pay is ignore tall ignore low, to them, make good economy plan to be weighed particularly should, lest henceforth “ eat one's corn in the blade, into not apply gives ” , be immersed in “ to be able to manage without money the awkward condition of ” . Be aimed at this kind of special crowd, industrial and commercial bank (prices information) room of conduct financial transactions of peony of gold of Na Ming subbranch of a bank made plan of a conduct financial transactions technically.

※ family archives: ?2 of  of department of  of diameter of buffalo gnat of bank Ren  year old, two people are college graduate, it is free profession together person, off hours likes to invest the stock market. Because bilateral parents housing is very commodious, young couple lives together with Mr Zhang parents, had not bought oneself alone housing. Two hand head shares current to deposit money 30 thousand yuan, time deposit 150 thousand yuan, stock and stock sex fund 80 thousand yuan. Divide this beyond, two people still have car of a small-sized family expenses, value is 45 thousand yuan about.

※ defray respect: Fu of old  of  of salary of throat of Piao of Zha of bank Ren  chooses ⒀  to pound ㄑ of the collect that delay coal to fight duck by blind cloth?000 or so yuan, every months of income does not secure two people, every months of cardinal principle has 5000 yuan of job income of the left and right sides, annual predicts 50 thousand yuan are controlled, income of stockjobbing price difference is not certain, and the insurance that two people also did not buy any danger to plant. In view of the circumstance of income and expenses of Mr Zhang, the venture that division of conduct financial transactions makes for its bears force evaluation is “ inferior ” .

Train of thought of ※ conduct financial transactions: ?6 of assorted of Mi of quail of firewood of Can of Ang of carapace of bank Ren  10 thousand yuan, this money can regard investment as capital not only, still bearing the heavy burden of provide for the aged that Mr Zhang couple will come to, accordingly, ought to safeguard this asset above all not shrink. Mr Zhang couple did not buy any insurance, when once encounter,having the accident such as sicken, domestic responsibility can accentuate abruptly, safeguard is the main need of manage money matters of Mr Zhang family.

In respect of domestic manage money matters, accrual basically originates 260 thousand yuan of cash and financial capital. Deposit money with cash and current year of yield 1% , time deposit year yield 2% , stock and stock fund year yield 10% computation, existing investment combines the earnings of generation, regular pay level returns contented family some are insufficient. Because this adjusts capital structure, increasing income is the key of manage money matters of Mr Zhang family.
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