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The poineering tragicomedy of cold view Liu Laogen
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Serials " Liu Laogen " the black that is a model is humorous, show the person lifelikely through Zhao Benshan, Fan Wei, Gao Xiumin, laugh life segment backside is done in each, left the heavy topic that each makes a person think over.

Liu Laogen is mixed in the 2nd bewilderment that encounters in the ministry obstruction can say is the poineering period that exceeded the first far, liu Laogen has paragraph of time before ending mad, this is accidental medium inevitable, liu Laogen the force with oneself, had carried the banner that does not have development of dragon coin business, reform ……

Disposition: Into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He. “ eagle returns remnant at a heat, he also should fly on day ” this is sung on theme song, those who mirror a Liu Laogen is active mix up never the spirit that character defeats, liu Laogen was done so, break through then lay, dragon spring mountain villa was born, flying development. Old Fu Li aing thoroghbred horse, annals is in “ Liu Laogen of ” of a thousand li is a little old after all, to the person cheap of a kind of “ is quite old, still can the feeling that the meal denies ” . After through a paragraph high speed develops, some bleached Liu Laogen, below the aureola of the blindfold that makes to him in others, begin confused. Liu Laogen is be worn by fasten on a wing the eagle of heavy burden, want to fly high, difficult however extremely.

Amiable, hopeful Liu Laogen is interesting the ability that spends the life, otherwise, he is in the first in mad, but also be although have certain authority,this kind of state was caused, but cannot keep apart guess foolishly force at him, others believes him, suspicious again him, him a lot of time give invalid waste.

Management: Was nodded dead acupuncture point.

After high speed expands, low-level administrative layer was born, this brought boundless resistance to his reform later, caused move and pull 100 hair, arose tremendous inside bad news. Han Bing brought advanced concept to cannot call not to suit dragon spring group from abroad, but carry out no less than going to namely, but under Liu Laogen must admit to reform failure. The manner that Liu Laogen reforms cannot call not determined, conception cannot call incorrect. Relative of direct line of descent of take out clove, Liu Erkui, introduce Gu Xiaogong, the height that develops for a long time from dragon spring group sets out. But the backward familial type government that forms for quite a long time is impossible to upgrade into modern management pattern between one night. Managing a layer especially is the person with culture administrative levels and lower consciousness, it is beyond the mark to come with “ upstart the farmer ” of type is not described, such reform is impossible to accomplish in one move, should be successive.
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