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Enrol the number one error that business joins in and deadly scotoma
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Be in inchoate among the “ foreigner ” that comes to China, having a few come. In the eye of public figure of Chinese wushu group, the boxing foot of these foreigners, at best namely some beautiful frame work. Because, chinese wushu is only not good-looking, still have deep exercise to benefit the internal organs.

Do not know from when to begin, concessionary commerce also began practice to remove “ to spend frame ” . The concessionary action chamber of commerce of countrywide each district, the “ that concessionary business holds each district alone door ” enrols chamber of commerce, spend frame ” with “ same ground is good-looking.

The throughout the country that concessionary business enters each district enrols it may not be a bad idea of chamber of commerce, the “ that does oneself alone door ” enrols it may not be a bad idea of chamber of commerce, almost all concessionary business, was in the assessment index that enrols business surely join in on lot approximate number. But this lot approximate number, do with final actual set up shop several have after all how old difference? The action chamber of commerce that a few concessionary business do not wish to enter different ground is exhibited, do “ oneself in door mouth however alone door ” enrols chamber of commerce, be in ordinarily “ signs agreement intent to join in on chamber of commerce of door ” action alone person, rate of final set up shop should cross different ground ginseng high to extend the case that enrols business. But after seeing the fact below when everybody, how won't you also perhaps flatter to this scale.

Before period of time, some famous cleaners interlinks France brand, “ was held in Beijing alone door ” enrols chamber of commerce, the intent that the autograph on the meeting makes an appointment with joins in business has 50 many, the outstanding achievement ” of person of arrogant of “ of it may be said. But inside the half an year after the meeting, this 50 many autographs make an appointment with a person, opened cleaners truly have 20 only however a few. The lot that did not open store makes an appointment with a person, the reason is whacking agrees unexpectedly, because cannot be found,be appropriate business is spread and did not open store. This is not worth the rate of set up shop of half the number, can you still say the outstanding achievement that is arrogant person?

The situation of the cleaners of country of this domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household still has been been, concessionary business is joined everywhere exhibit, often do “ oneself what door ” enrols chamber of commerce and obtain set up shop alone very few circumstance, it is common actually.
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