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White hand poineering need passes 3 level
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The first phase prepares through learning those who be his to do poineering work

This one phase is you seek the key that do poineering work, that is to say, preparation is only sufficient, arrived to do poineering work period, ability handy, nevertheless, the study during this also should master the most effective method, often can be just the opposite to what one wished otherwise, accordingly, choose a what kind of study platform to appear crucial, the author thinks, this platform that assists you to learn must have the following requirement: The first, have many successful case and the story that do poineering work successfully, so that raise oneself play ability, next, want to have numerous business chance information, business information namely, in order to offer an alternative, in addition, the news information that still should include to abound, and the website that can achieve these requirements is not very much, among them, the net of the world business chance that regards the whole world as website of portal of business chance of advertisement of the first Chinese is among them a relatively rich website. In this one phase, still include 3 study period:

1, find new job period the industry that —— seeks him to like and footing.

2, the poineering experience that —— of Xiu Lian period accumulates him through working.

3, await period —— awaits and seek poineering opportunity, be sure to keep in mind the business is not ripe do not do!

The 2nd phase establishs his company, make sure the enterprise has certain profit

This one phase is the start that do poineering work, the enterprise that it matters to you not only whether gain profit, return those who matter to you to do poineering work whether successful, your enterprise whether progress continues. Accordingly, the project that the choice does poineering work is attached most importance to especially wanted, and the platform that good project needs to had loginned necessarily is searched. As we have learned, search easily to help broad netizen the most appropriate oneself poineering project, net of the world business chance emerge as the times require, it bears with not only current and newest the most popular poineering project that has profit margin most, still included fortune business chance, house property, education to wait achieve rich information, satisfy all sorts of requirement of different netizen completely, accomplished one network the world truly, infinite fortune uses up the business chance portal that is before. In this one phase, what should notice particularly is, this first-order Duanying experience is the following 8 period:

1, layout period does poineering work for what he has thought make detailed plan, notice everything oneself should kiss all previous to be in person!
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