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Fortune is finite recognizant go ahead of the rest

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I entered university campus 2002, had worked more than one year nowadays. I am to the viewpoint of undergraduate conduct financial transactions: Fortune is finite, recognizant go ahead of the rest.

Will tell to just entering the most student of the college, the fortune affirmation that can allocate in the hand is very finite. How to control cost expenses better, it is the jumping-off place of new student conduct financial transactions. Cite a few case simply, be born to just stepped campus anew greatly, the circle of the life is sure and rapid outspread, communication cost is the defray with not small brushstroke. Careful fellow student should be compared a little only, choose an endowment cost formula that fits oneself, can reduce this part expenditure greatly. Additional, proportion of newborn foundation course is larger, answer an exam to need a lot of reference book, the experience of my individual is: The library has the book that you want absolutely, if be disinclined,book sea mile cleans out a book, so to high grade learn to grow borrowing also is the best thing to do. In addition, a few detail in noticing daily life also can reduce certain expenses greatly. For instance, shower shampoo brushs water of section of the attention when soap, because a lot of equipment insert calorie of plan cost; If have between the classmate collective regular consume demand, go to the lavatory for instance face, drinking water, everybody is OK a batch is bought, lower piece price; Additional, the schoolboy also does not want coddle bad, learn the article with simple little to repair skill (wait like the door, chair, lock, bicycle, computer) meeting very of benefit from. If when can above get attention, so in every months of trifling among hundreds of yuan living cost, saving below a few yuan to get on 100 yuan even is not impossible.

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