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Jiangsu encourages farmer major collaboration to organize development
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To support farmer major collaboration organizes development, province finance hall established collaboration of major of supportive “ farmer to organize special fund ” , the investment that professional to the farmer collaboration organizes is increased ceaselessly. According to statistic, 2004 ——2007 year the special fund that saves finance investment is 5 million yuan respectively, 10 million yuan, 20 million yuan, 30 million yuan, the fund that saved finance arrangement to be used at supporting farmer major to cooperate to organize 2008 achieves 50 million yuan. The focal point that special fund supports is to be in “ run by the local people, civilian canal, civilian be benefited on the foundation of ” , 4 have the “ that organizes of one's own accord by him farmer truly ” collaboration organization. Development of organization of collaboration of major of complete province farmer is rapid, to the end of 2007, complete province already had farmer major collaboration to organize 7400, 2.6 million person of member, drive farmer 3.8 million, 25.2% what hold sum total of complete province farmer, farmer major collaboration organizes gross income to exceed 40 billion yuan. Cooperative organization is in farmer major join young farmer and the effect that produce in the market greatly are bigger and bigger. Hall of Jiangsu province finance

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