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Capital is poured out of apparent
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Suffer Argentina to last the strike and circumjacent market interest are affected more, futures of soybean of Zhou San CBOT from inchoate in dropping, rebound close tall. Agreement is highest in July 1384, lowest 1342, closing quotation 1372.75, rise 25 cent; In November soybean contract closing quotation 1357.25, rise 16 cent. The analyst says, argentine strike incident is carried once more brace up the market, beautiful Chen Dou exports demand to increase close month agreement to be gotten in a few days potentially go up. Meanwhile, price of crude oil period falls from of the previous night rebound in situation, beautiful beans sows plan to lag behind reach low emergence rate to also be offerred for soybean market prop up.

The city after looking into, soybean contract was handed in in July cast still be located in high April point 1415 cent and May low 1244 cent interval, if soja period price breaks through this,close interval forms a clear trend possibly. Congenial machine fund buys beans of about 3000 magnify in a few days. Dalian legume commodity is shown yesterday low open rebounding concussion to be arranged situation, each breed decreases a storehouse in the round, clinch a deal to also have apparent atrophy. Soja 0901 agreement are highest 4595, lowest 4555, closing quotation 4581, relatively before closing quotation drops 44 yuan / ton, decrease a storehouse 12 thousand more than hand; The beans dregses of rice 0809 agreement closing quotation 3734, rise 9 yuan / ton, decrease a storehouse nearly 25 thousand hand; 0809 contract receive soya-bean oil 11300, drop 256 yuan / ton, decrease a storehouse nearly 16 thousand hand. The round-the-clock market that connect a beans still lacks clear direction how-to, although outside of the previous night dish issue defeat be a burden on considerably period price is low, but decrease a storehouse continuously dish restrain be down kinetic energy. Soja brunt 0901 agreement dish first in high last week point 4555 positions obtain a technology to prop up, and dish in as close month 0809 contract are small add a storehouse, bull confidence restores somewhat, period price shock rebounds cut down inchoate drop. Soybean market is much, at present empty the element interweaves, influence of adjusting control of potential policy of acuteness wave motion and country makes price of crude of Argentine strike incident, international trade business has some of not know what to do, market whole leaves a wait-and-see atmosphere thicker, people is awaiting the United States dish go sign is further Anacreontic.

Dregs of rice repeatedly performance is relative that day stronger, period price is complete recover is inchoate drop, the nominal capital that this Zhou Zao period enters the arena leaves in a large-scale offer for its basically prop up, and current home beans dregses of rice merchandise on hand is basic the face lasts profit is good. Soya-bean oil maintains concussion of weak force interval in a few days, the evacuate of all of short line capital that eve enters the arena, the hearsay that reduces soya-bean oil to import custom duty about the country in last few days is right dish the face still has certain suppress to affect.
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