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The commodity such as aspic pork imports duty next month to be adjusted appropri
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The reporter learned a few days ago, plenary session of first time of committee of tax regulations of custom duty of classics the State Council is discussed through, sign up for the State Council to approve, be opposite 6 kinds in all tax rate of entrance of commodity of 26 tax items undertakes adjustment.

Entrance tax rate adjusts these 6 kinds of commodity to be respectively: Albumin of oil of food, vegetable, feed, blood and person are used vaccinal, cotton and other commodity of 3 tax items.

According to introducing, the tax rate after adjusting is: Carry out the entrance of 6% to aspic pork provisional tax rate; The entrance of executive 2%-10% of 9 tax items commodity such as food of cod, happy to freezing fruit, infant and serum and yeast is provisional tax rate. Come from June 1, 2008 on September 30, carry out the entrance of 5% to olive oil and coconut oil provisional tax rate. Dregs of rice with earthnut to the beans carry out the entrance of 2% provisional tax rate. Use vaccine to haemal albumin and person in all commodity of 4 tax items carries out the entrance of 0% provisional tax rate. Come from June 5, 2008 on October 5, a certain quantity of to what import outside quota cotton is carried out slip temporarily standard tax, will import the specific duties with the high quality applicable cotton with higher price from 570 yuan / ton reduce reach 357 yuan / ton, recover current slippery standard tax since October 6.

In addition, use to “ curium or other method cut carries out the entrance of 0% into rectangular marble and travertine ” provisional tax rate; To tax items 38249099 leave applicable import the product range of makings makes the electrode oar of provisional tax rate be adjusted appropriately; To broadcast class machine of video tape recording imports provisional tax rate to make adjust appropriately.

Afore-mentioned adjustment (outside removing oil of cotton, vegetable) hold date of departure is came on June 1, 2008 on December 31.

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