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Did not press compasses cable equipment
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In inspect of card of China of card net dispatch is met message, basis " inspect of card of Ministry of finance can be engaged in the announcement that business concerns an issue related negotiable securities, futures about accountant office " regulation, have negotiable securities, futures the accountant office of relevant business qualification ought to be in annual before May 31 with respect to negotiable securities, futures relevant business situation undertakes declaring having. End on May 31, 2008, office of the following accountant did not undertake declaring having by the regulation, disobeyed " announcement " the 5th regulation:

Office of accountant of Shanghai numerous Hua Huyin

Install office of Yong Dahua accountant

Shandong source and letter accountant office

Office of accountant of Wuhan numerous annulus

Office of accountant of culmination of Pu Huayong path

Basis " announcement " the 6th requirement, inspect of the Ministry of finance, card is met will give special attention to afore-mentioned accountant offices, relevant circumstance carries out spot examination. Do not accord with via the examination " announcement " of set condition, recall qualification of its negotiable securities.

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