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Li Jinhua: Deficient of food container of expostulate with of of of Jin bamboo
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Legal daily Beijing on May 13 dispatch (reporter Qie Jianrong) the main component that civilian battalion economy has made our country economy, but the internal audit system of civilian battalion enterprise was not built up to now. The whole nation that Li Jinhua of chairman of reputation of institute of internal audit of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China holds now is in-house audit “ double first ” commends put forward on the meeting, should be helped and drive civilian battalion enterprise to build internal audit system.

According to concerning expert introduction, so far, no matter be orgnaization of national office, finance or state-owned company,already built internal audit system in our country, and had had certain development. “ alone civilian battalion enterprise is ” of a weak point.

Li Jinhua says, ministry audit is full of characteristic inside our country, development perspective is wide, should improving unit beneficial result to promote, offer the respect such as accurate information to produce bigger effect for controller and policymaker. He emphasizes, should take seriously highly drive and audit work develops interior of enterprise of guidance civilian battalion, adopt the experience of investigation and study, promotion, method that makes classified coaching mixing wait for a branch to cooperate with business association, promote civilian battalion to the enterprise is built and perfect internal audit system, drive civilian battalion enterprise to strengthen internal audit work.

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