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Note in assist deploy place of 2008 year accountant hold inspection of quality o
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June 11-13 day, china registers accountant association to hold office of 2008 year accountant in Beijing hold job of inspection of quality of course of study is decorated and groom meeting. Note in assist Chen Yugui secretary-general, Yang Zhiguo deputy secretary-general attends the meeting and speak, come from each place association and office of negotiable securities qualification to check personnel in all 130 much people attended this second meeting. The conference by concerned expert new castigatory " accountant office hold quality of course of study checks manual " undertook explaining, undertake grooming to checking personnel, in order to unite examination standard, improve examination result. The conference invited England technically still consortium of concessionary and accepted accountant (ACCA) business is superintended (quality is checked) gentleman of sweat of the · in A of chief inspector sanded · , introduced ACCA to be in examination office hold the particular way of respect of quality of course of study and accumulated experience.

The conference emphasizes, 2008 accountant office hold quality of course of study checks the work, continue to implement two old standard in order to carry out system and consolidate criterion international hasten is a target with achievement, the supervisory examination that is in office of qualification of aggrandizement verify certificate while, strengthen the standard of small office in be opposite and guidance further, rigid standard registers accountant hold trade act, rise hold quality of course of study, cogent maintain public interest.

The conference is made clear further, the key content of the examination is the circumstance that the office implements new audit criterion and accounting standard, include: (1) whether is the office mixed according to new audit criterion the requirement of accounting standard, perfect its audit regulations further, the risk directs whether audit program gets be executived effectively. (2) the demand that whether the office controls standard according to quality, perfect its quality to control a system further, get be executived effectively, whether to carry out requisite project quality to control check in the light of specific professional work. (3) office whether the requirement according to professional ethic, perfected relevant policy and program further, register the independent character of accountant in order to ensure the office is mixed, in hold whether does the act that violates professional ethic and office to concern policy, process exist in trade process.

Wang Jun of Ministry of finance's undersecretary works to take seriously very to the examination this year, the requirement is various note assist “ has been caught clutch, fish authority, the tree removes figure ” .
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