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Indonesian and formal exit Oupeike

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According to message of Peng rich news agency, nao of Po of Indonesian energy minister rub. You Si is exhibited special Tao Re announces 28 days in capital Jakarta, sign a law to exit admire of Europe of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries formally to overcome (OPEC) . Po Nao rub say, indonesian the reason that exits Oupeike is oil output self-sufficient inadequacy, had exported a country to turn oil into entrance country from oil, stay in the the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to had done not have any meanings, and it is annual and OK to exit Oupeike the help is Indonesian and economic 2 million euro (about 3.1 million dollar) membership due.

   Many foreign capital are exited from Indonesian oil industry

Ou Peike held water 1960, indonesian the member state with only area of Ou Peike Asia-Pacific is all the time since was being joined 1962. But as a result of undercapitalize of wildcat ageing together with, bring about crop to drop ceaselessly in recent years, daily output had slidden up to now from the peak period 1977 49% .

Digest newest statistical data according to Europe admire, indonesian the crude daily output 2006 is 883 thousand pails, but the day of finished product oil all consumption achieves 1.061 million pails, breach part should count an import. According to the statistic of Peng rich news agency, indonesian and current crude oil is supplied still reducing, reduced again than March April 0.9% .

Xiao Ping of Han of presiding information officer is accepting web of Chinese the sources of energy " daily economy news " when the reporter is interviewed, say, indonesian political situation is unstable it is the main reason that brings about its oil output to drop. The link such as Indonesian oil exploration, development, oil refining counts foreign investment badly, unstable political situation affected foreign investment, many foreign capital already were exited from Indonesian oil industry.

It is reported, indonesian government and Aikesen - beautiful inspire confidence in sb still did not get settlement up to now in the controversy on ablaze cloth oil field, this one controversy often is regarded as to be in a of obstacle of investment of existence of Indonesian oil industry by foreign investor paradigmatic.

Additional, han Xiaoping thinks, the oil price with at present high empty also restrained foreign capital to invest the impulse of Indonesian oil industry. Because, high oil price to resembling Russia enterprise radical homeland has such oil is a favour for the country that turn, but to Indonesian for the state that basically counts foreign capital to undertake exploration is developed so, high oil price pushs tall foreign capital to be in necessarily contest mark cost of upper reaches, stem from the concern that drops to oil price, the investment faith of foreign capital is affected.

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