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Petrifaction decides in today Xia Ting stops finished product oil is exported

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To ensure the finished product oil during Beijing Olympic Games is supplied, company of Chinese petro-chemical group (the following abbreviation: In petrifaction) already decided today Xia Ting stops finished product oil is exported. This one decision is chairing by president Wang Tianpu those who hold is medium petrifaction produce and sale of the 3rd quarter joins make on the meeting.

Be in before on May 15, company of group of Chinese oil natural gas (the oil in the following abbreviation) after holding shareholder plenary meeting, jiang Jiemin of president of group of the oil in holding the post of when expresses to media, the supply and demand of finished product oily whole with current “ is in balance hasten to tighten condition, body still is compared in demand now exuberant, but ability of domestic oil refining still cannot satisfy the market completely to supply. Below this kind of circumstance, the export of finished product oil that had in the past already stopped entirely now. ”

According to the analysis, two old oil groups of domestic announce to stop finished product oil to export inside short time in succession, outside can anticipating an element what must make reserve ahead of schedule besides the Olympic Games place that will come immediately August, the sudden effect that shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River causes the Sichuan that happened on May 12 also increased the pressure of group of two old oil. Additional, with respect to the current situation that at present oil of domestic finished product supplies, especially derv includes China the area such as medium, Hua Na, Hua Dong can be added without oil, gasoline part section has stopped wholesale tight situation, in petrifaction make the decision that suspends finished product oil to export, also be to alleviate home is supplied in short supply lift necessarily.

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