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Nanjing of Bi Mawei layout

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The network spreads all over global major to serve orgnaization Bi Mawei, will put it in Nanjing in the 12nd orgnaization of China today. The commerce of the talent advantage that “ Nanjing has, rapid development and good infrastructure, so we chose Nanjing. We are confident to the development of Nanjing branch. ” yesterday, when finishing chairman of district of equestrian power Asia-Pacific holds Chinese chairman Xialixun concurrently to accept special report of Nanjing daily reporter, say, he will foster duty Wu for Nanjing, seek advice, the high end of the respect such as the accountant serves a talented person, help Nanjing enterprise is walked out of, foreign company goes.

Bi Mawei is international one of firms of 4 big accountings, member orgnaization pervades the whole world 145 countries. Current, bi Mawei already established 11 branches in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. The branch that this Bimawei establishs in Nanjing, be located in road of Pearl River of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill 1, already waited for college invite applications for a job in Nanjing university, southeast university at present 50 employee. Next, this company will be annual name of 70—100 of invite applications for a job is outstanding college this year's graduates, foster them into internationalization, specialization, young the high end that change serves a talented person.

Xia Lixun says, although he is to come to Nanjing for the first time, he noticed to observe the infrastructure of Nanjing and urban whole environment, wait to the historical culture of Nanjing and infrastructure had farther knowledge. “ Nanjing expands contemporary service line of business, make knowledge service economy, push the plan of internationalization process, special be identical plans in global development with Bimawei. ”

“ Nanjing has many 40 college, this is the resource of Nanjing, also be the resource that Bimawei develops in China. ” Xia Lixun says, current, bi Mawei has had a few clients in Nanjing, they consider ameliorative government very much, improve manufacturing efficiency, take door going abroad as soon as possible; And foreign client of Bimawei, also hope to have investment in Nanjing, professional work is begun in Nanjing. Accordingly, bi Mawei will establish talent warehouse in the college in Nanjing, education is perfectness duty Wu, seek advice, the high-end talent of the professional service such as the accountant, attract more transnational corporation to develop to Nanjing.

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