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Manage the opinion of a certain number of problems about strengthening enterpris
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Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and plan sheet list bureau of city state revenue, cess Wu:

Treat tax lawfully to be advanced further, strengthen taxation to ask for a canal, fulfil science to change in the round, the working requirement that changes management subtly, raise taxation to ask for a canal to include enterprise income tax to ask for tubal quality and efficiency, cogent solve a few areas to take job of management of enterprise income tax seriously insufficient, catch not do one's best, examine and approve again, small administration, tax bureau, land tax bureau cooperates the country harmonious and insufficient, disobey a few outstanding issues such as unified taxation policy even, a certain number of problems that strengthen management of enterprise income tax now offer following opinions: 

One, check duty radical, prevent  of imposition prediction of a person's luck in a given year effectively

Checking duty radical is the fundamental sex job of management of enterprise income tax, various tax authority should take the work that checks duty radical seriously highly, especially tax authority of basic level director wants a tubal door and union of be in charge to rise, press a management to ask for Wu of be in charge namely, accomplish source of tubal nice tax, check duty radical, want to put an end to those who erode duty radical to violate act stoutly, avoid imposition prediction of a person's luck in a given year effectively. Policy is deducted before wanting to implement tax of enterprise income tax strictly, the production that the branch of tax source control of tax authority of basic level director wants to pay close attention to an enterprise closely manages whole process, examine and verify of authenticity of the cost that before strengthening pair of business tax, deducts, charge, losing manages. The limits, pay that the standard deducts to perhaps cannot provide true, lawful, significant evidence before exceeding tax is deducted before the enterprise exceeds tax, uniform must not deduct before duty. Homebred to technical reformation installation cost is touched avoid wait for item, want to check ticket card and company objective, special to its value added tax bill undertakes attestation checks, not agree with to Zhang fact or invoice is false must not touch avoid. The country should be strengthened between office of duty, land tax cooperate, land tax office already touched the existence such as the raw material that deducts value added tax in the discovery in income tax management false problem, except except must not be buckled before duty, give a country even in time tax section case report; Tax office imposes the state enterprise income tax, in duty source in superintending, should notice to be evaluated with value added tax coordinate as a whole. Tax authority of basic level director should apply industry data “ the platform that ” of a type stores, build and perfect the stage Zhang of enterprise income tax, record its to decrease cost of duty-free, advertisement to deduct, amortize of fixed assets depreciation, intangible assets, homebred installation cost is touched avoid, pay of business of work efficiency link up with extends, the enterprise makes up for deficit, technology to develop cost to add plan deduct wait for a circumstance, execute trends management. Should prevent affiliated enterprise to use mix between the area the difference of income tax policy between the enterprise, pass charge of taxation planning move and profit, evade income tax. Director tax authority should be examined and approve strictly according to “ , principle of open and semmetry of administrative standard, authority duty, transparent ” , strengthen and a purpose is deducted to examine and approve management before duty of normative enterprise income tax, examine and approve a project to stop to examine and approve stoutly to the administration of enterprise income tax that already cancelled, to the examination of reservation the project wants farther normative program, specific requirement, simplify formalities, serious examine and verify. Director tax authority should change heavy beforehand to examine and approve, the state that light after the event runs, fulfil income tax administration to examine and approve the sequel management after the project cancels seriously, strengthen income tax to examine and approve a purpose to dog management and supervisory examination, realize the organic union that examine and approve and checks, because cancel to examine and approve,prevent and scanty at management. 
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