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Administrative unit finance affairs is regular
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General principles of the first chapter
The first financial behavior for normative administration unit, strengthen the financial management of administrative unit, safeguard administration unit works
Of the task finish, draft this regulation.
Various executive authority and the other institution that execute budgetary management, political party organizes churchyard of the 2nd People's Republic of China (with
Go up unit of administration of a general designation) financial activity, applicable this regulation.
The basic principle of financial management of unit of the 3rd administration is: Executive country concerns law, code and financial regulations system;
Practice strict economy, check luxury is wasted; Keep expenditures within the limits of income, assure a key, give attention to two or morethings is general; Pay attention to capital to use benefit.
The main task of financial management of unit of the 4th administration is:
(one) budget of unit of administration of reasonable work out, as a whole arrangement, managing use each fund, safeguard administration unit operates normally
capital need;
(2) finance affairs of fixed work out reports, mirror administrative unit budget according to the facts;
(3) build, system of perfect and inside financial management, financial to administrative unit activity undertakes control and be supervisoried;
(4) strengthen administrative unit state-owned asset management, avoid state-owned property prediction of a person's luck in a given year;
(5) the financial activity of the unit that be belonged to to administrative unit place and puts in buccal administration financial management 's charge carries out guidance, supervise;
(6) the financial management that strengthens service department of rear services of office of independent to be not business accounting, implement measure of internal business accounting.
The financial activity of unit of the 5th administration is below unit chief leader, by unit finance affairs the branch consolidates management.
Administrative unit ought to install financial orgnaization alone, provide personnel of accounting of full-time finance affairs, undertake independent business accounting. Personnel staff is little
, the unit with financial small workload, can execute a receipt to apply for reimbursement system.
Budget of unit of the 2nd order manages
Budget of unit of the 6th administration is administrative unit income and expenses plans the year finance affairs that according to its duty and working job weave.
Administrative unit budget is comprised by income budget and expenditure budget.
The 7th gets batch of relation and budgetary government limits of authority according to funds, cent of management of administrative unit budget is following class second:
(one) to department of the finance that be the same as class the newspaper gets funds, move the administrative unit of funds to issueing nucleus of unit of one class budget, give priority to a canal beforehand
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