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3 kinds of mode of company shift
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The influence of the enterprise hands over cardinal principle to have 3 kinds of fundamental pattern: Child bear father line of business (point to civilian battalion enterprise only) , in-house promotion, exterior enter (namely ” of “ airborne arms) . 3 kinds of mode, although do not have the cent of the stand or fall on absolute sense, but the branch that go up or can have actor of low quality is spent in specific dimension.

The choose that leads a talented person has two serious thought to spend: Faithfulness is spent and ability. Company successor problem, in the final analysis is how to search faithfulness to spend the person with Gao Youneng powerful force. The advantages and disadvantages of 3 kinds of mode can be spent from these two dimension come up analysis.

Child bear father industry pattern

Child bear father line of business, perhaps expand to the familial member take one's turn on duty that has kin, china has many civilian battalion enterprises to use this kind of pattern.

It is China not only actually, foreign enterprise also has this kind of many pattern. Is Wo Erma child bear father line of business? Appear now two pairs bear the mode of father line of business has more criticism, often delimit this kind of mode and backward system equal-sign. But, is Wo Erma to there is very advanced company system? It is backward that the company system of versatile group can say? Are they child bear father line of business? Before the powerful public opinion that somebody lags behind in household company, withhold a vivosphere to give household company, all familial mixing familial managing that part, think former not backward, latter and backward. Actually can need not. When we are discussing company system, the standard can develop in what whether be helpful for an enterprise surely only. The company of the many familial and all familial perhaps management in enterprise of China and foreign countries grows quite outstandingly now, we say it is backward, where is the basis?