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Reduce the efficient way of revenue cost

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Revenue cost is the country inside certain period to raise money revenue income and the total cost that increases all societies and loss. Include the levy cost of the tax authority, pay taxes cost of taxpayer, and the economic cost of taxation, namely the efficiency loss that taxation causes to economy. Current, the taxation of our country becomes this apparent on the high side, this not only the circumstance photograph that asks for tubal force inadequacy with our country real revenue is contradictory, and also do not suit with the financial capacity of our country. But, with current social level of management, simple compression taxation funds defray, reduce revenue cost, not only won't improve taxation efficiency, return what will cause revenue prediction of a person's luck in a given year and revenue income to decrease. Accordingly, want to reduce revenue cost, answer to receive the element proceed with of cost from influence duty. The expropriation of taxation runs system is a when affect revenue cost discretion important facet.

Duty Wu representative is form of a kind of when regard a representative as limits with duty Wu matters concerned specific representative, the commission in belonging to a representative acts as agent. Japan is in " duty Lishifa " representative of Wu of lieutenant general duty states for: “ basis concerns the law of tax or " administration refuses to obey examine a way " the regulation puts forward to declare to duty Wu government office, application, request or refuse to obey appeal, perhaps concern declare the investigation with government office of the Wu that reach duty or punish to wait to pretend of duty Wu government office or allegation, undertake representative or act on one's behalf. ” our country " method of try out of duty Wu representative " duty Wu the representative states for: Inside the acting range that agent of “ duty Wu sets in law, suffer the taxpayer, commission that withholds obligor, deal with the floorboard of each behavior of duty Wu matters concerned for you. ”

Be helpful for reducing the levy cost of the tax authority

Long-term since, our country is in process of canal of taxation ask forring, often ignore the research of pair of revenue cost, cause the narrow growth of revenue income, a huge sum that always accompanying revenue cost increases. After executing duty Wu to act as agent, the thing that ought do by him taxpayer, from the tax authority depart comes out, push servive routine to the society, reduced the burden of oneself of duty Wu branch, decreased

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