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Why is cost price oppugned repeatedly by the public

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According to " capital times " report, national hair changes appoint in its the website is opposite " method of careful of inspect of cost of price of urban water supply (try out) " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) seek an opinion publicly. Entertainment expenses of salary of personnel of water supply business management and welfare funds, business, warm oneself to cost, conference is expended and differ travelling expenses to wait, during all can serving as, charge plan enters cost, but annual advocate net specified number of business Wu income is in 15 million yuan of the following enterprise, business entertainment expenses does not exceed advocate 5% of net specified number of business Wu income.
Hair change appoint from cost proceed with, the purpose is to control the cost of the enterprise, prevent an enterprise to pass unreasonable cost infiltrate cost to social marry again, but, its result often deviates from again this original intention. The cost of the enterprise is transparent least of all one part, the public cannot undertake checking to the cost of the enterprise, and enterprise especially rig business often also uses this, increase the worker's salary, bonus and welfare ceaselessly, together with is entertained, the rapid growth of poor travel expenses, the cost of the enterprise expands quickly, and the cost that increases newly, basically pass rise in price easily marry again arrives on public body, this is the public to cost price mechanism often the reason of be indignant.

Effective control cost is one of jobs with the mainest business, actually, on current world, always be not the transnational corporation that often succeeds, without the ace that is not control cost, and the consciousness that a few enterprises of our country did not control cost not only, still constant ordinary person is cost of ground drive up. Because two reasons are brought about,this basically is. It is a lot of resource enterprise is in monopoly position commonly, lack competition, the enterprise did not reduce the motive force of cost. The 2 price mechanisms that are the resource sex product that follows our country are concerned.

On the price mechanism of a lot of resource sex products, what use normally about the branch is the method that cost increases profit, in ensure the enterprise that is in monopoly position holds certain gain while, prevent it to rise in price blindly through monopoly position. Boat is for instance oily, boat oil is in in from which petrifaction and in after oil approves the oil that take boat, plus enter certainly sell price difference (past is

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