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The enterprise is not processing of accountant of normal loss value added tax

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The blame of the company is normal the loss includes:
Loss of ① natural disaster, wait like disaster caused by a windstorm, flood, earthquake.

② runs not good at loss, if goods is given birth to by theft, hair,mildew and rot deteriorates etc.

Loss of ③ other accident. Active tax law sets: The input tax that is not normal loss project must not be touched from inside output tax buckle.

We know: In the real business of the company, afore-mentioned losses can have different processing kind, the disaster caused by a windstorm, flood od that cannot defy gives a company the loss that cause, outside dividing the insurance gold that call in, should plan the defray outside the business that joins a company; Outside managing the loss that not to be pooh-poohed causes to divide individual claim for compensation, should plan all sorts of charge that join a company; Other and unexpected loss should inspect particular case processing.

The goods that purchases because of this company, special caustic miss the season produces in product, manufactured goods, its input tax should turn into concerned account accordingly, borrow write down “

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