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Datang Gansu company held the annual financial accounts for 2010 conference
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December 9, 2010 annual financial accounts of the company meeting was held at the headquarters. The meeting conveyed the group financial final accounting conference, and the main content, conscientiously sum up of the Company's current business situation faced by year, 1 to November and the annual financial operation carry o ut the work situation and arrange the deployment of the recent major tasks proposed by the financial work next year, ideas and priorities. Yu-Feng Liu Company Chief Accountant attended the meeting and made a speech. Liu Yufeng fully affirmed in his speech, the financial officer of the company closely around the system to improve economic efficiency, control financial risks, support the development work done by the company. Introduced the first 11 months of completion of Major Economic Indicators of the company, noting the shortcomings of the current work and gaps, and in 2011 made a comprehensive and objective analysis of business situations. Yu-Feng Liu stressed that the current company is very serious, financial officers at all levels should fully understand the situation, be prepared to ensure a reasonable financial deal with compliance, the phenomenon can not appear hidden losses unpaid debts. And the recent work of seven requirements. First, all units thought to establish an austere life, and fully mobilize the full enthusiasm, hard work. Second, efforts to strengthen the insurance claims, tax incentives, tax policy learning and CDM management, to ensure that the revenues due are collected. Third, strengthen risk management, the full establishment of "small treasuries" control long-term mechanism to effectively prevent the risk of the development plans and other funds, to make a good financial officer responsibilities. Fourth, adjust the business ideas and establish business sense, to take measures to effectively make electric price management. Fifth, to enhance fuel management, good fuel management analysis, a good enterprise staff, aides. Sixth, make changes in contract prices of coal, changes in budget overruns, major financing arrangements, the financial impact of major system implementation, auditing tax inspection, a variety of financial personnel changes, job adjustment, significant events reporting system to ensure smooth flow of information informed. Seven is the hand with the audit, compliance and timely and accurate financial statements for 2010 to do the work. Property Management Department of Finance and Deputy Director Zhu Gang year 1 to November operation, financial operations were carried out in-depth analysis and comprehensive summary of recent work and to put forward specific requirements. Operation with the situation and tasks in 2011, proposed ideas and financial work in 2011 focused work. The meeting called for the system to actively implement the enterprise spirit of this meeting to ensure that the goal of achieving annual business; well reported 2011 budget, the implementation of the budget preparation reported to work;; to increase low-cost capital financing, strengthen financial risk management to ensure financial risk control, in control; do a good job tracking the price of heating, adjusting the work; high-quality financial statements for 2010 to complete the work. At the meeting, the annual financial accounts for 2009, the organization of work are effective, standardized reporting accounts and accounting information is true and reliable, high Tang Jingtai power plants, thermal power in Gansu Great Tang Dynasty at Xizhou solid limited liability companies were commended. Corporate reporting system for 2010 operations. And problems for the business to discuss the formulation of corresponding measures. Ministry of Finance and Property Management Companies of all personnel, system unit chief accountant, financial officers and related personnel a total of 49 people attended the meeting.