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First days of pawn the market will still manage one club in September weak force
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Environment of ministry of market inside and outside still does not have apparent change, clinch a deal the quantity continues atrophic, wait-and-see state of mind is serious, show the likelihood seeks fall after a rise once more prop up.

Two city drop greatly in the in pairs below multiple element influence yesterday, the weight grail that heads with the bank kill all the way drop become dish of hollow head main force, before Shanghai city 20 authority weigh a road of only big Qin Tie, minority such as Bao Gang to rise, the Chinese birthday, bank that enrol business, sea knows the finance such as negotiable securities all drop even more 4% , chinese oil achieves the history again new low. To closing quotation, become greatly point to since achieving epicycle to adjust again new low, shanghai put together shows the newspaper closes 2325 a little bit, before the distance 2284 bits lower also do not cross a few Yao. So, weight kill why to drop to produce the city after be opposite to plant influence? Is the market short-term how will move?

Do much power to become resultant force hard

When Yan Li of analyst of strategy of southwest negotiable securities is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, express, although public opinion warms wind frequency is blown on the weekend, but because 5 US stocks drop greatly last week,wait for an element, bull dare be not done easily much. Now of the market do much energy to form resultant force hard apparently, but do empty energy to form resultant force easily, this may be to take one of accounts with depressed situation. From dish in light of the face, yesterday two city point to present concussion fall after a rise to arrange pattern, puncture all strikes back 5 days somewhat with all possible means after the line, strength is relatively finite nevertheless. In the meantime, dropping situation still is in a majority continuously, oil is achieved in piece appear on the market come new small blow market confidence, and the finance, coloured and communication breed with better last week performance is cast pressure increase apparently, make bull lacks counteractive capacity more.

Current, half annals already was announced 2008 end, preliminary count result shows, in light of whole, appear on the market first half of the year this year profit of company net profit grows 16% compared to the same period; But be like eliminate bank to wait for financial board piece hind, net gain drops compared to the same period 3% , show company profit grows a trend to already began to turn bad, and 3 quarters worsen further possibility is great. Right second, the country believes negotiable securities chief analyst Shang Xiaosheng expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, current deadlock watchs economy and stock market in Yu Hong between undesirable anticipate mutual aggrandizement. The market is excessive expect a government to stimulate economy and the interest good policy that save the stock market, once short-term inside cannot cash, market sentiment wave motion is caused necessarily reemerge concussion sound foundation goes situation.
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