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Price of the car end September or begin to rebound market of price sound foundat
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Successive after the cold and cheerless of a few months, the car city even if of at present is in on the weekend, still also do not have patronage of too much consumer. But, the reporter visits even recently the discovery after car city, measure model of sell like hot cakes besides the big platoon that suffers consumption tax effect, of other model depreciate tide is in upsurge continuously. No matter be the government of manufacturer,depreciate, still be agency people cut the flesh to yield benefit, pushing car price step by step to the nadir.

Depreciate although tide still does not have agency people bring more clients, but with respect to the visit the capacity looks, already a lot of consumer are moved in wait-and-see center. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, market personage is integrated the favourable extent of car manufacturer and agency is comparative in recent years, think the car price this year reduces rate basic already sound foundation, suggest the customer that has the plan that buy a car had better not hesitate again, should timely skill. In the meantime, experts still are forecasted, as be restricted to be about to end all right, price of the car end September appears probably rebound, car city will be progressively get warm again after a cold spell.

Depreciate tide is dark emerge in affecting advanced and the following model

No matter be sell like hot cakes medium …… of the 8th Dai Yage, Kaluola, Kaimeirui, Ming Rui returns advanced vehicle is economy Che Jirui reporter of N3…… of nimble of A5, fine horse, Hua Pu, Xiali interviews a vehicle last weekend, of at present depreciate tide has affected a variety of models. No matter be the bright attune of manufacturer government dark fall, still be agency people yield out body profit, with Oudebao the car trades the word of an administrator says the market: “ car city had arrived to be able to fall cannot fall to be in falling degree. ”

Intermediate car market is price war undertakes the most intense corner, interval of intermediate car price is in probably 120 thousand —18 10 thousand yuan between, but the discovery after the reporter is investigated, most model, model of very much even brunt has depreciated 10 thousand yuan, depreciate on average extent is in 10% the left and right sides, have more very person already exceeded 20% . Privilege controls Kaimeirui 20 thousand yuan; Privilege of the 8th acting elegant cabinet 5000 yuan; Blocking Luo Laquan is privilege 10 thousand yuan; Si Ke amounts to bright acute privilege 6000 yuan, at the same time still gift is given; Triumphal depreciate break through 20 thousand yuan; Yi Daquan fastens privilege 11 thousand yuan; Xuan Yi is highest and favourable 17 thousand yuan, still adornment is given; Even the middle ten days of a month just rolled out in July consider region model of 5 anniversary edition, privilege already also crossed 10 thousand yuan to close … greatly…
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